Client Testimonials

“In working with Mary for nearly ten years, I witnessed first-hand her extraordinary capabilities in the areas of coaching, training and facilitation. Mary has a natural ability to engage her audience in the topic at hand, inspire productive and meaningful conversation and deliver effective training and other business outcomes. Mary achieves excellent results by leveraging warmth, humor, passion, business acumen and a genuine desire to drive meaningful outcomes for her clients.”

Mary M., Talent Managment Manager


“It is always a hit when I invite Mary Paul to speak to one of my classes. She is a MASTER at engaging people; keeping things lively, interesting and relevant for the students. I am confident they gain valuable insights that can be applied in their work and personal lives.”

Terri G., Instructor, Local University


“Mary Paul is a fantastic facilitator and very knowledgeable Organizational Development professional! She has an uncanny ability to ‘read’ the audience and make adjustments in the moment. She is a “go to” for facilitation needs in our organization. Her evaluation scores from course attendees (almost all 5s on a 5 point scale) are evidence of her knowledge, presentation style, and ability to engage diverse audiences. Any company would benefit from hiring Mary Paul for its OD needs.”

Pam P., Learning and Development Manager


“Mary is the epitome of a trusted partner in her consulting approach toward leadership development because she approaches her work with deep insights and passion. She has been outstanding in working with a Senior Leadership Team effectiveness program and had had a major impact on the quality of the results that is making a real difference! From my perspective, Mary is one of the best OD professionals I’ve worked with in my career.”

Gina B., Organization Development Manager